Sam Basel Has Extremely High Integrity In All He Does

Sam Basel December 7, 2009

We have known each other for 4.5 years. I wanted to take this time to say “thanks” for your service and I look forward to many more years of working on various things together.

The things Jean and I have appreciated about you are numerous. Since I have been in sales for a long time I appreciate a number of these things even more. We have worked together on listing, buying, selling, previewing and qualifying. Your characteristics remained the same on all of these things.

First, you ask us for our specific opinion on either what we are looking for or what we want. You then stretch that a bit and that helps us be sure that we indeed want what we say we want.

Secondly you give us good coaching. Whether its price to sell, price to buy, location, timing, or whatever, you never insist, just coach. That helps develop good rapport.

Thirdly you have extremely high integrity in all you do. You show up on time, you say what you believe is right, and most important, if you do not know something, you say you do not know. All of that develops a high trust. And that is important in any business transaction and business partner.

Jean and I look forward to working more together in the coming years. Your investment of your time is much appreciated. Your follow up is always great.
We look forward to working on other projects in the future. Thanks again.

Mark D. Rissmiller and Jean M. Rissmiller
Owners / RMC Clothing Company
Estes Park, Colorado

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