Relocating to Estes Park, Colorado – Informational Resource Guide

Sam Basel April 10, 2010


Are you thinking of relocating to Estes Park, Colorado? You are probably in research mode trying to find out more information about our little town in the Rocky Mountains. Let me point you in the direction of some helpful resources to help get you more acquainted with what Estes Park has to offer.

First, I would start with a video that the Town of Estes Park put together called “Estes Park: A Great Place to Visit, A Great Place to Live.” It highlights many of the reasons people come to Estes Park and throws in a little history in the process. You can find the video here.

The town also puts out a town profile and updates it every year. This includes a ton of demographic information and helpful numbers regarding a wide range of topics: Community Profile.

Two local newspapers serve the area. The Estes Park News is a free paper and they have an online version at The Estes Park Trail Gazette also has an online version at I would recommend visiting the newspapers often for town events, classified ads (including job postings) and news about the local area.

School information can be found on the Estes Park School District web site at

Most other local businesses can be found on the Convention and Visitors Bureau web site at

Home and Apartment rentals can be found in the newspaper classified ads or on craigslist. I recommend using the Fort Collins Craigslist site at as this typically has the most Estes Park postings. There is one company in town that is a full time long term (more than 30 days) property management company and that is Range Property Management which can be found online at

bluelogoWhen you are ready to start looking for real estate for sale in Estes Park, there are several sites that I would recommend. First, my web site at has an easy to use map based search with all the properties for sale. Be sure to also check out the blog for updates on the local market statistics, plus tips and tricks to buying and selling real estate in Estes Park.

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