How To Buy A Home In Estes Park And Have Someone Else Pay For It

Sam Basel November 10, 2010

3266-h-bar-g-rd-mini-drop-shadowBuying a vacation home in a small town in the mountains like Estes Park, Colorado is a dream shared by many people. The problem is, real estate in the mountains has a tendency to be expensive. Utilizing vacation home rental income can make that dream easier to achieve. Why not take advantage of the millions of people (yes, millions) who come through Estes Park every year on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park? Many property owners in Estes Park are already catering to these tourists by offering their homes for rent on a short term basis. The rental income generated helps pay the mortgage or provide extra income if you aren’t planning on having a mortgage. You may also choose to buy a more expensive house than you were originally planning because of the extra income. The best part about vacation home rental income is it still allows you to use the property from time to time!

While vacation home rentals don’t typically generate enough income to pay for themselves, they can come close if you do your homework ahead of time.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting more information regarding how to make short term rentals work for you. Stay tuned to hear more about:

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