Windcliff Estates

Windcliff Estates sits on the side of a mountain with elevations ranging from 8,400-9,000 feet above sea level. Stunning views of the Continental Divide and the Mummy Range are the main reason people live in this neighborhood. The vantage point provides views that are unrivaled anywhere else in the United States and are frequently compared to the Swiss Alps.

The main entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is only a few minutes drive from Windcliff Estates. There are also many trails that can be accessed from Windcliff including Estes Cone, Teddy’s Teeth, and Lily Lake.

In addition to the private road association and water association, there is an on-site, short-term rental management agency. The dirt roads are extremely well maintained year-round and snow is removed quickly and efficiently in the winter time.

Approximate value: $625,000 – $1,400,000
Approximate age of home: 20 years old
Approximate property size: .5 acres

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Map of Windcliff Estates